SPIRIT OF INDIA – Long Evening of Indian Music & Dance

Immerse yourself in contemporary Indian music spiced up with a touch of Classical and Fusion music and north Indian classical dance Kathak also captivate for the Western audience. On this evening, two groups of musicians & one group of classical dancers will perform, giving the audience an impression of the colorful variety of Indian music & dance.

Performing artists include the Maharaj Trio, an instrumental trio of Indian Classical music with sarod, sitar and tabla musical instruments. The father, Pandit Vikash Maharaj, and the two sons Abhishek and Prabhash Maharaj come from Varanasi, a city in northern India. The musical knowledge of this family of musicians has been passed on from father to son for 500 years. The pieces presented by the trio are catchy and inspire the listeners partly through meditative peace, partly through intoxicating, fast-paced rhythms. In addition to the improvisation in the style of classical North Indian music, the trio also seeks to connect with other Western styles such as blues, jazz and world music.
Deodatt Persaud is a vibrant dancer who has a unique flair to the north Indian classical dance Kathak. A style hallmarked by vigour, virtuosity and vivacity definitely reflects that of his mentor and guru Pt. Rajendra Gangani – The Jaipur Gharana Stalwart. Deodatt’s dance radiates with grace and zeal. He has performed on several prestigious platforms across India and the world over. Ekaterina Chmeleva started her journey into Indian Classical Dance in 2007 in Moscow, Russia. She learned Kathak (Jaipur Gharana) from Guru Ekaterina Seliverstova, a Kathak Kendra (New Delhi, India) graduate and a founder/choreographer of Indian Classical Dance Group “Chakkar” in Moscow. Currently she is taking training with Shri Deodatt Persaud. Milaap…where the feminine delicacy combines and melts with a manly grace. Ekatarina and Deodatt will present traditional pieces that highlights the dynamism of the north Indian classical dance style Kathak.
Living in Munich, Nishad Phatak masters the balancing act between worldly life as an engineer and life as a singer, who touches people with his voice. His band is truly a colorful troupe. The guests can expect musical pieces based on classical Indian, folk and Bollywood music with hints of pop and rock music or fusion.

Event Detail

9. June 2019 18:00
9. June 2019 22:00
Black Box, Gasteig


German-Indian Association GDIZ