German-Indian Business Forum 2018
Nov 13-2018 Free

German-Indian Business Forum 2018

The economic and political ties between Germany and India are stronger than ever before and the mutual business is growing rapidly. As global players and leading economies, Germany and India can rely on each other as equal partners. India currently tops the list of fast growing economies of the coming decade. India offers massive potential […]

SPIRIT of INDIA CONCERT<br> Long Evening of Indian Music
Jul 9-2018 Free

Long Evening of Indian Music

Immerse yourself in contemporary Indian music, spiced up with a Classical and Fusion music captivate for the Western listener. On this evening, three groups of musicians will perform, giving the listener an impression of the colorful variety of Indian music. Performing artists include the Maharaj Trio, an instrumental trio of Indian classical music with sarod, […]

Spirit of India – Sitar, Tabla & Dance Concert
May 20-2018 Free

Spirit of India – Sitar, Tabla & Dance Concert

Join us on a musical and dance journey to India. Together with Indranil Mallick on Tabla, the Sitar virtuoso Partha Bose will present classical and urban Indian music selected for the Munich audience. You will hear how well the Indian music is merged with the world music – a proof of the human understanding of […]